SugarMummies Needed Urgently.

Gustochronicles- sugar? No thanks. Am sweet enough

Hehee… This job place will show me things.


As most of you already know, And in case you didn’t know, I’ll tell you. I work in the customer care and support center of a certain big firm in town. Deals with web hosting, web design and development among other online solutions. deep Africa. That’s not where my story is though. Am just trying to set the mood. I am a content developer, Blogger. Social media department. Jina isikushtue sana. We liase at times with the support department when the calls are too many. So today the calls got too many. As a responsible employee, I went ahead to pick the call.

The Call

Kindu 9.AM.

“Hello thank you for calling deep Africa, Maina Kiwiri speaking how may I help you?”

The person from the other end was not close to the usual clients I attend to. Hoarse voice with croaky intervals if there exists such a word.

“Harooo Mimi naitwo Kiragu. Niriona hii number yenu kwa gaseti na nahitaji usaidisi.”

Of course, I felt like laughing, Who wouldn’t? I Am used to clients who make me feel like I had my English classes taught in Kikuyu from the classroom window. I have over time, however, learnt to keep my calm until am done with the call. So I went on.

“Okay, Mr Kiragu. How can we help you, sir?”

“Sasa, nirikua Nataka kisugar mummy kimoja. Niriona mumeadika wako kadhaa kwaja kuna mmoja Rusybebs arinijega sana……”

Am not sure i heard another word. Nkatha Mbaabu should tell you when it comes to these firms, the customer is always right. This one is an exemption. I just couldn’t hold myself anymore from bursting out loud.

He hung up people. He hung up.

My Job At Stake

Well, I had to explain to my boss why I laughed in the middle of a call. Almost lost my job. I was saved by the laughter of my colleagues before I even got halfway explaining. Theatre will save me a lot.

Well, Am hoping to make a follow-up call sometime next week see if he found what he was seeking for. In the meantime brothers and sisters, Anyone who knows where a ki sugar mummy can be found? Natafuta kimoja.

Just incase he didnt find one, ntampea digits.

gustochronicles say no to sugar mummies and sugar daddies

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Disclaimer b4 boss aone hii: the characters depicted above r are all fictional. Incase kuna kufanana na ww anywhere, purely coincidental.

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