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The Pregnancy Resolve ; Christian Judges

(Based on a true story (Extended). I started this story off as a poem. the words could not stop coming so I changed it to a story. Enjoy. I hope we learn)


She stands among the congregation. She Watches, praying, counting. Counting days before it leaps out. Leaps into the beautiful world. Her bundle of joy. Within, she can hear him. He kicks. She can feel his games inside. The way he kicks, he probably will be a drummer. Probably resolve to be a footballer, a biker maybe. He kicks on. She can feel his laughter, his cries. She counts on. Days,  months…

Little does the angel know. Deep within, She’s scared. Confused. Sad and glad in equal measures. Excited about the life within her, Sad what the world will think of her. See she has been a worshipper all along. She has led worship. People were moved. She has led worship and His presence came down. She has led worship and people came to Christ. Her voice, heavenly. Her words, touching. Then everything happened. So fast.

Where It All Started

He came to church. He complimented her voice. This guy; handsome.  Strong. Handsome again. Coffee, lunch date, lunch date after church. Days as these more… And now this!! A life within. She has acknowledged her sin. Countless times. She’s repented countless times. She cries more than prays these days. No longer leads worship. She can’t find the strength They can’t tell why neither does she. They’ll soon find out. That’s her worry. God already forgave her. He even forgot her sin. Will they? She knows them. Hasn’t she been among them?

The Pain

She lifts her hands to worship. The strength is not enough. Worry weighs it down. She cries The way they look at her, She feels like they can see the life inside. The holy spirit encourages her. Strong again. She’s about to lift her hands to the lord again. She stops midway. He kicked again. They look at her as if they can hear the kicks. The thought weighs her spirit down. She composes herself back. Shes just afraid. She closes her eyes…

“Lord Jesus…. I ”

She rushes out fast. To the washroom. She just felt like throwing up. She cries.

“Why? Do I deserve this Lord!! Why?!”

The pain tears her heart out. The angel within is no problem. The society is. A worshipper is with child.

“Whaaat?!”  “Like really?” “Is she?” “These Christians though. Pretenders. And the way she pretends to be in spirit?”

Her friends too… They’ll disassociate with her. Talk behind her back. Laugh. Point. Use her as an example.

The Resolve

She leaves the washroom. Decided. She knows what to do. This pain comes to an end today. She picks her bag on the pew she was sited. Hurriedly leaves the building. The holy spirit tells her out of the thought. She is already decided though. It’s simpler than all the pain and anguish. The misery. It’s not worth. Her heels click as she walks out. All eyes are on her. They look at her as the sinner she is. She cares no more. Let them think as they please. Today’s their last day.

She crosses the road fast towards town. A thought rushes through her mind to throw herself onto the road in front of a fast-moving lorry. She brushes it off… She’s a determined woman. Nothing will deflect her mind from her resolve.

The Announcement

Wednesday 4.PM. Home fellowship. The Bishop has an announcement. They all know it though. Just as a matter of norm.

“Brothers and sisters… Moms and dads…  it is with deep sorrow… Anguish even…”

Words and words depicting sadness. Tears roll down their eyes. They can’t believe it.  How? Murmurs and whispers go round the congregants. It’s rumoured she used a knife. Stubbed her neck. Others say it’s her heart.  How could she resolve to such an action? She can’t answer though.  She is dead. Little do they know.  They killed her.

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  1. May God Help Us

    1. Amen @JoLucky

  2. Touching, great content and challenge to our churches

    1. Yeah… Thank you @Joseph. I believe with speaking about it, the message will reach a heart somewhere and transform another. Thank you for the feedback

  3. Jaribu kufanya hii ikuwe spoken word especially part ya Kwanzaa iko poa.

    1. Eiiiish… Benah… Hehee… Ebu will try… Nice idea. Asante

  4. So touching

    1. Yeah… Thank you @Esperence

  5. Sijui kaa nmesoma juu kuna vile sijui aje

    1. Hahaha @Esen$h@dy soma haha

  6. Sad, real, beautiful, its what it is… Its more comfortable to have unchristian friends as it turns out christians are God on earth, the bar is more homely than the church… May God help us … Gusto kudooss

    1. Sad reality @Purity. Christians need to learn sijui who is going to teach us. Thank you Purity.

  7. This piece is just so real and beautiful… Good art and nice way to challenge the church.

    1. Thank you Mercy…

  8. God help us