sinners minus opportunity

Sinners Minus Opportunity

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She sits on his right hand. From there she comes to judge the living. The dead have God to judge them. But here, she is the judge. Prosecutor too. Sometimes she adds up as a witness as well. Gasheri. She sits at the right-hand side of the pulpit. Where Muhunjia Thamweli spends the best part of his Sunday. He is our man of God. A staunch follower of Christ. A perfectionist. He says we should be sinless. Perfect Beings. Offenders… Read More »Sinners Minus Opportunity

3 idiots wedding village weddings kenya

Village Weddings and Food Strategies

They say you can get a villager from the village. But the village from the villager,  that’s a different issue altogether. Meet Kiarie. Village weddings, Kwa Nguku village, Nakuru County. Back in the village, it’s the rice that matters in wedding ceremonies. What else do you gain from weddings? The bride is not yours, the bridegroom is not yours, the bridesmaid is your sister, other bridesmaids are too young for your age. The one that seems a little bit mature… Read More »Village Weddings and Food Strategies

The Pregnancy Resolve ; Christian Judges

(Based on a true story (Extended). I started this story off as a poem. the words could not stop coming so I changed it to a story. Enjoy. I hope we learn) Life She stands among the congregation. She Watches, praying, counting. Counting days before it leaps out. Leaps into the beautiful world. Her bundle of joy. Within, she can hear him. He kicks. She can feel his games inside. The way he kicks, he probably will be a drummer.… Read More »The Pregnancy Resolve ; Christian Judges


Matatu Musings; Seeing Through His Eyes

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Thika Town.  6.00am. God. I alight from the boda guy that ferried me from my place to here. Manchester travellers Sacco matatu stage. There are passengers all over the place.  There is a rusty matatu with a board scribbled Nairobi on it.  Either the many passengers around cant see it ama there’s just something wrong with it. I join the many who don’t board the rusty Matatu. It is old and written off. It has a tired look save for the tattered seats in… Read More »Matatu Musings; Seeing Through His Eyes

Donkey meat-

Village Butcher Gives Life To Christ

Last Sunday was historic. One of the Sundays my village church and my church pastor especially will always remember.Githingi gave his life to Jesus. This brings me to Githingi. Githingi is our local butcher. If you remember well, I come from one of those villages where each member is known by everyone. Those that own Shops and other businesses in the area are the affluent and most prominent. They have a special place in the leadership of the community. This… Read More »Village Butcher Gives Life To Christ

Face me Matatu

My encounter with a Nyeri woman

The Symon Nyeri Woman. For those of you who know Ts well, You will agree with me that you can spot a Nyeri man as you walk the paths of wherever you are. Using TS as my case study, I will tell you features of a Nyeri man. That is if men from that part of our beautiful nation will agree with me. If not, that only confirms my doubt about Ts and manhood haha. Anytime you see Ts, he either… Read More »My encounter with a Nyeri woman

am a unicorn

Nyaguthie is Officially Taken. Me Too

Vibes Lakini some vibes r just so lame. Whereas that is true, there still are some sane ones. Say for instance, i cant live without you. That’s correct depending on the tone, environment and audience. This has always worked for me until the day the laugh of my life nyaguthie left me for a half-baked university graduate with money inherited from his late father. she said she is now Taken. Issokay. I have since moved on. Memories of the day… Read More »Nyaguthie is Officially Taken. Me Too

she declined my offer

Nyagu my laugh declines my kabambe S8

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Thanks For your prayers Guys You all remember my plan. Get home, Music, Candles, Suprise Nyagu. If you did not, you can get full story here. Well brothers and sisters, Thank you for your prayers. God heard your prayers. all of them. that goes for a fact. No prayer goes unheard by God. To whatever prayer, however, God can either say Yes, No or Wait. I leave that at that. D-Day I got home at around 7.30 PM. At the… Read More »Nyagu my laugh declines my kabambe S8

funny relationship proposal. the bomb


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Nyaguthie You all probably know this much too well. My girlfriend (name withheld 4 personal security. Allow me to use Nyaguthii today) and I are one happy couple. What!! Just kidding. You all know too well my relationship is between a rock and a hard place. Not with Nyaguthii daily nagging, Not with my inability. I know what inability you are thinking about but that’s not it. Am speaking about my inability to make enough money to cater for our… Read More »NYAGUTHIE IS IN FOR A TREAT

Gustochronicles- sugar? No thanks. Am sweet enough

SugarMummies Needed Urgently.

Hehee… This job place will show me things. Job As most of you already know, And in case you didn’t know, I’ll tell you. I work in the customer care and support center of a certain big firm in town. Deals with web hosting, web design and development among other online solutions. deep Africa. That’s not where my story is though. Am just trying to set the mood. I am a content developer, Blogger. Social media department. Jina isikushtue sana.… Read More »SugarMummies Needed Urgently.