Nyagu my laugh declines my kabambe S8

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she declined my offer

Thanks For your prayers Guys

You all remember my plan. Get home, Music, Candles, Suprise Nyagu. If you did not, you can get full story here. Well brothers and sisters, Thank you for your prayers. God heard your prayers. all of them. that goes for a fact. No prayer goes unheard by God. To whatever prayer, however, God can either say Yes, No or Wait. I leave that at that.


I got home at around 7.30 PM. At the gate, I remembered Nyaguthie telling me to make sure I brought her chocolate when I come back from town. Of course, I didn’t remember that. I was too engrossed by the idea of the new phone. Well, I had to act fast. Nyaguthii had insisted that if I didn’t bring chocolate, I didn’t love her and should not go back to that house. there was no way I was going to spoil this evening. Not with the plans I had in line.


I ran to Gakuros place. For those who don’t know Gakuro is my shopkeeper back at home. His is the only shop in the vicinity once you enter my humble village.
“Sasa, Wina gashokolate karia ka gibau?” ( Hi, Do you have that ka20 b0b chocolate ?”) I asked.
He hurriedly served me the gashokolate and went on to attend to the line of customers behind me. Out I was. 7.40PM. Am standing outside my door.

My Place

“Knock Knock”
Anxiety all over my inside. confidence from the outside. After waiting for what seemed like two days and counting, my beautiful Nyagu opened the door… She was wearing my favourite dress. Seemed like she knew what the occasion was. She smiled at me.

“Karibu ndani Mzee” Thats the closest she has been to being romantic. I have called her all sorts of sweet names. She doesn’t seem to get them. She always call me mzee. When she is too happy she spices it up a little bit by adding wangu so its mzee wangu. I still hope she will learn fast one day. Ama am not pampering her with love enough? Yet to find out. I smiled back at her as i closed the door behind me.


“Sweetie niko na suprise,”I bluttered already regreting why I said that. It’s supposed to be a suprise. Sasa I’ve already told her so its no suprise anymore. Well, she still doesn’t know what it is exactly so it still is a suprise. Right?

“Sasa si ungenisaplais tu unaniambia nikusaidie kunisaplais ama?”Nyaguthie replied.


I didn’t even have time to play despacito in the background. I had to act fast before I polarise the romantic environment. Ambiance. I fast went on one knee. Pulled out the newest phone in town. Looked straight into her eyes…

“Nyagu, you know you are all I have. Sweetie, I want to be with you, communicate always, whatsapp, text messages and calls, facebook twitter and instagam…”

I stopped to check her facial reactions. How I wish i had just gone on.

Nyagu declines

“Umemalisa? Yaaani weewee, Ata uwesiskiza ni wimbo gani inaimba background? Alafu hii ni simu gani umeniletea” Andiroindi what? Unajua ni vizuri kama ndame ni wa class unamgift vitu ziko na andavu… Mimi si mutu wa kabambe Mzee wangu… Nitafutie S8 kuenda juu… Android 9.9…”

Ghai!! For starters i realized Murimi wa kahalfs Momo was the song in the background: How the hell could I have missed that. I thought of singing Tatianas Like you song but it was already too late save for my vocals which sure would ruin the situation even more.

Secondly, I didn’t introduce the phone to her. Had I started with what phone and specifics, she probably would have been confused by the specifics. The S8 she is talking about, that she heard when TS and I were discussing over kahawa at my place.

“Unaniletea kabambe tulitoka huko miaka gani? I am a woman of class. Nitafutie vitu za darasa.”

Well am pretty sure the darasa she is talking about must be a classroom going by her education background. She probably wants to go back and finish schooling from where she stopped in Nkirote and Sons CDF Primary school.

What Next

My heart in my shoes i stood up and left for sleep. Did I say Nyagu still took the phone and said she would keep it for my son to play with as a toy? I headed straight to bed. left her trying to find out where it’s powered on from. Here in bed, am thinking of how i’ll get the phone back from her tomorrow morning and gift it to my ex Nyansuguta. (I don’t know why I keep falling for women with a prefix ‘Nya’ in their names) she probably will be more grateful.

Lord give me strength.