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Matatu Musings; Seeing Through His Eyes


Thika Town.  6.00am. God.

I alight from the boda guy that ferried me from my place to here. Manchester travellers Sacco matatu stage.

There are passengers all over the place.  There is a rusty matatu with a board scribbled Nairobi on it.  Either the many passengers around cant see it ama there’s just something wrong with it. I join the many who don’t board the rusty Matatu. It is old and written off. It has a tired look save for the tattered seats in it. Like it feels unsafe. You could board it only to get to Allsopps and it coughs its last cough before dying of age and fatigue and you have to walk all the way to town. Or board a kiGithurai bus and get to work when others are closing off for the day. It’s 6 A. M anyway. still early. The safari to work is usually 1 hr 30 mins in the morning so I still got time.  Right? There’s a tout screaming his heart out.

“Commercial mia, Nairobi wawili,  Tao Soo”

His screams fall on deaf ears though. The matatu only needs two passengers then it hits the road. We are more than 20 just onlooking. It takes a whole 15mins before 2 passengers board the mat and off it goes.

At this point, my mind wanders off into thought. Away from the usual Gustochronicles. God. You seek him asking for a way out. You bring yourself all the way to his presence.  He provides a way out for you. It doesn’t look like him. It’s rusty.  Old.  Written off. This cant be God’s way. Si God is glamorous. Ama? He even goes an extra mile assumes you cant see it and sends a person. Your preacher maybe to tell you that this is what will ferry you to your blessings. But his messenger is treated to a deaf ear. So you sit there and wait for God and wonder why He is taking too long to answer your prayers. You even start complaining. Your time ticks. Someone comes,  snatches your opportunity,  your blessing and runs with it.  You are still wondering why people r getting to their blessings fast while God is keeping you.

Now here’s the catch. Manchester Sacco has these popular 18 seater matatus popularly known as Beaverline. Apparently, this is what all these onlooking passengers want to be ferried to Nairobi in. Not the old-looking tired and rusty mats.  They always look like you could sit on the back seat and get left behind once the vehicle hits a pothole

The next matatu is a Kibeaverline. Passengers scamper. Push their way to the mat before it is even parked well… You could think it is the last vehicle and your job security depends on it. It is pushing and shoving. Pulling… Less than a minute and the Beaverline is full. Nairobi bound.


Its the same with God. He provides a way for your neighbour. And you think to yourself…  Phew… My time has come. This is now Gods way for me.  You can even feel it. Thanksgiving all the way to the matatu. Only God did not intend this for you and so that path is closed before you even think of taking it. Off the blessings leave you there. They were not yours. This was not God’s plan for you. The complaining again. Blaming God for not working over your life.

6.30 a.m. I wait any longer and am late for work. Come in another karusty Matatu…

Ooooohhh. Nooo….

Second Chances

See God is a God of second chances. You ignore him the first time, he will still come again. A second and a third time. And another. Same path, same opportunity. You have a choice to yourself. Take the rusty route, the not so popular one, the uncomfortable one to your destination or wait. Wait for your neighbour’s path and try pushing and shoving to take their place. Remember you could still miss out on the same. Secondly, their destination could be different from yours.


Here, we need to pray. That God gives us the spirit of discernment. That we’ll know what’s ours and what’s not. That we will clearly hear his voice leading us. That God will help us lead obedient lives. Whether the paths He provides are rusty or not, we shall follow. Happily. Contented. Knowing that He is God. He tells us that His plans are not our plans (Isaiah 55 vs 8.) As high as the sky is from the earth, so are his plans from ours.(vs 9) Remembering also that the Lord has great plans for us. Plans for a future and a hope. (Jeremiah 29vs11)

I still get to work. A little late going by the time the matatu took to get passengers. My boss is eyeing me with those “I saw what time you came in” eyes… And am looking back with “At least it’s an hour before the time you usually come in. How comes you are early today?” eyes.  Let the eye game continue.


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