Gustochronicles; The Creative Blog goes live

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Gustochronicles blog goes live

The Blog Goes Live

You probably have been waiting for this blog all your life. Basically not all but ever since you saw a creative story I did. Well, if you haven’t then we are good. Now that you are here. Karibu sana. This blog is meant for those of you who just can’t get enough of their ribs cracking. We crack your ribs and get medics to repair them for cracking the next round. Found therein are inspirational notes as well. Yours is just to find them. Have fun.

I am witty, creative and funny. Humour is my umpteenth name. You can find my other blog posts on and

My World

Welcome to my world. I will be posting on a regular basis. More regular than your monthly salary. Only less regular than your bosses nagging messages to the printer that is closer to Him than to you to pick up a copy he just printed. Now that we are done setting up, I think the next reasonable course of action is to go right into the awesome rib-cracking content. Let the rib cracking begin. But before that, Subscribe to get the stories first.