Me In Word Form

I am that your guy. The guy who used to ask for extra answer papers during exams; Insha and composition only. Humour and I are roommates. She tells me something, I post it here for you on Gustochronicles blog. I write for fun. I write to inspire. Pen and paper called me. Chose me. I broke up with them when my handwriting couldn’t give in to my demands. My Laptop had been eying me then and sending signals. I grabbed the chance. I’ve been dating the monitor and keyboard ever since.

Laughter is the best medicine. If you are not sick, It then boosts your immune. Live, Love Laugh is the way to go.  Have fun while you still can.

Live because its a gift from God to be alive. Live it fully.

Love because Love is the best gift you could give. I once wrote a letter to my crush and dedicated ‘Fundi wa Mbao’ on the dedics section. In other news,  I was once expelled from high school for writing a love letter, Poem to my teacher. She was the principal. Love though!!

Laugh. It’s just that. Medicine. It makes you younger.

I read, Mwalimu Andrew, Bikozulu,, and The Magunga, Phillip; the Sheriff sometimes. Just a few favourites.


Welcome to my world. Inside my brain lies wealth. Knowledge and wisdom. A repository of Humour and more humour. This blog, therefore, literary dissects my head into two. Cuts out the humorous part of the medulla (Am not sure about this word though) and splashes it all over your screen. Only it’s organised thought. If it makes you laugh, inspired, encouraged and 5 other vocabulary that says the same thing, please share.

If you can’t get enough of it, ask for more.  May the laughter begin. (Curtains open)


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