Ndiari rui ma ithinga dance cover

I was not Rui of Ithinga – Dance.

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I stay alone and I have never had anyone visiting that’s why am asking you if you will come we stay together. (Winks… Who would say no? )Hayah…

Mwanake its me you lied to? You ndidiad me waiting for you at your home!! (Some mwanakes though!! SMH) I have a feeling this is you. You stood her up because you were too shy and your pick up lines were not harnessed by then.

When you reach Mucatha, tea of town don’t leave. You can translate the rest for yourselves

Matchstick Fire. Love. Gustochronicles

Love – When a good girl gon bad

He sat on the matatu earphones plugged in. He could hear love. The song playing over and over. ??When a good girl gone bad… ?? Sauti Sol. No song played on his phone though. The music was in his head. Voices. Confusion. Fear. Depression. All together in unison tormenting his once peaceful mind. He could not fathom how the world could be so cruel. How people could be so heartless. The more he wanted the thoughts away, the more they… Read More »Love – When a good girl gon bad

Guerilla Gusto – My Contribution to the Maumau uprising

In one of my many statuses on WhatsApp (you know those people who post statuses as if they have Shares onWhatsApp?) I’m not one of them.  Am of the Maumau era.  In one of my many statuses though, I shared a Greek proverb.  Ngim comes from Mut. I went ahead to show you the Mut (Unga) I came from and wished my mum a Happy Birthday. ?? I feel proud of myself already. Am not sure why though. Whether my… Read More »Guerilla Gusto – My Contribution to the Maumau uprising


Do mosquitos have like a celebratory buzz or noise or something when they are happy? Say like its sucked all the blood out of you and need to celebrate its victory. Ama it wants to call the others to a feast in celebration say to the birth of another mosquito. Ama the way they disturb your peace all night long, do they celebrate? When they hear you tell your friend how they are not giving you peace, do they look at… Read More »MOsqUiToeS

The Interview

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I remember you. From Campus. Though blurred, at least I’ve met your face somewhere.  In one of those corridors of knowledge maybe. Halls of wisdom. From that night. Yes. Those locks. How could I forget them. You kept fiddling and rolling them all through. I said I liked them. Short as they were. I loved them. I told you I did. Genuinely. You shrugged, laughed away the joke. Sarcastically. Then you looked away. You didn’t even respond. As if you… Read More »The Interview

They Found Wacu In the Farm

True story before I get to Wacu. Cases of car theft are in the rise around Thika and its environs. Why would this bother me though, I have no car except for my sons toy police car? Right? Well, not any more. A friend of mine woke up to an empty garage space where he had parked his vehicle the previous night. For those of us who own cars (tihihihi hebrews 11, now faith is the assurance of things not… Read More »They Found Wacu In the Farm

Forester Gustochronicles


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The voice that wakes you up in the morning. That feeling that makes you jump out of bed however much sleep is sweet. That excitement you have about waking up the next morning before you even go to bed. The energy that jolts your whack ass up for work lest you and your son have marbles for supper, yawns for lunch and at least water for breakfast. Lest you start living on trees because your landlord couldn’t let you stay… Read More »KINDLED DREAMS

seductive face. gustochronicles


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“Ke.. Ici Nicio Cafi cia gwakwa. ( Take, these are the keys to my house)” He said as he stretched out his hands waving a bunch of keys towards her. “This one opens the main entrance, This one opens the kitchen door, Ino ni ya store, Ino ingi ni ya kwa nguku. Nayo ino niyo most important. Ni ya Master bedroom. Kuria urikomaga. (This one is the most important. It opens the door to the master bedroom, where you will… Read More »SLAY QUEEN HUNTER BECOMES THE HUNTED